Robert Mooney – CEO

Mr. Mooney co-founded Standard Internet in 1998, which grew to become the largest privately held advertising and search brokerage business on the web.

Among other innovations, Mr. Mooney pioneered the effective use and monetization of interstitial advertising and oversaw the first such advertising program on the internet.  Mr. Mooney developed the initial algorithms to effectively quantify and monetize pay per click search engine traffic and subsequently launched the first online program to aggregate and distribute pay per click web searches.

In 2000 Mr. Mooney oversaw the launch of from startup to a top 5 USA cell phone retailer.  Mr. Mooney then oversaw the sale of SI’s web properties and pivoted the company to focus on what had become one of it’s core competencies, the under served area of offshore and domestic high risk credit card processing, risk management and affiliated services.

Currently Mr. Mooney oversees all facets of the company’s operations, including strategic planning, banking relationships, crucial client relations, software design, and finance.

Mr. Mooney received his Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Drexel University in 1989 and currently resides in Medford, New Jersey, USA, with his wife and 3 daughters.

Ronald Holliday – President

Ronald Holliday has been President of Standard Internet since its inception in 1998. Since that time Mr. Holliday has been in charge of the day to day operation of the company’s affiliate programs. Developing cutting edge fraud detection technics, Mr. Holliday and his team reduced loss due to fraud by 80% as compared to industry norms.

Mr. Holliday has expanded his fraud knowledge to include risk management and charge back mitigation in the online credit card space. Working with the company’s new domestic and international credit card processing clients, Mr. Holliday ensures Standard Internet’s continued value to it’s customers by having his unit instruct clients on the finer points of fraud detection Chargeback mitigation, and overall merchant protection.

Mr. Holliday currently resides in Medford, New Jersey with his wife and 2 daughters.

Michael Ohr, Jr – Senior Programmer & Network Administrator

Michael Ohr, Jr is the key member of Standard Internet’s daily operations and has been with us since 2000. He is a skilled programmer and an innovative network administrator. He is on top of the latest security protocols and has streamlined operations to run seamlessly. He has been both programming and working as a system administrator since graduating college in 1998.