Internet Merchant Services:

The ability to accept credit card payments securely is imperative to doing business online. In the highly competitive global marketplace, profit margins can be razor thin and getting the best rates for payment processing truly matters – especially where volume is concerned. Standard Internet specializes in helping high volume clients acquire merchant accounts of all risk levels, and assist with optimizing the relationships, software, risk management, and fraud control solutions to maximize profitability.


Credit Card Processing

Standard Internet can give you recurring or one time credit card processing options, offers global payment options, manage fraud risk, create billing options, and rely on superior service when customers need billing support. Our gateway interfaces with affiliate tracking and customer management systems and e-commerce shopping cart software. To help mitigate your exposure to fraud, we offer a suite of fraud detection tools at no extra charge. That includes customizable AVS and CVV checks. Our unique solutions prevent credit card data from entering a merchant environment without changing the user experience and offer merchants full control over the data. The scope of PCI Compliance is significantly reduced and no credit card data is present to be stolen or compromised.

Merchant Accounts

When you have your own merchant account, you don’t need to over pay for a payment gateway solution. If you are ready to graduate from using third party payment processors and want to get the best rates in the business, you are ready for your own merchant account. We specialize in “high risk” (Card Not Present) merchant accounts, including but not limited to: travel, subscription billing, recurring billing, digital content, and large processing volumes. We determine the solutions available for your business and work with you to prepare the necessary applications and documentation to acquire the payment processing in an efficient manner.

Call Center Services

Let our call center solutions handle your customer support so you can focus on your business 24/7. All of our representatives are trained to handle each account as if it were their own business, making the appropriate choices when handling all of your customers and staying within the policy guidelines the merchant has outlined. Training is conducted using role play within the call center agents and supervisors. All agents are monitored and recorded and all outgoing email correspondence is reviewed daily.

White Label Turnkey Solutions

If you need a subscription based website that is ready to go for your new merchant account, we can provide you with a customizable white label solution that is turnkey for your business. Simply decide what kind of site you want – online games, personal shopping services, cognitive function enhancement, and other entertainment options, and we’ll do the work in setting up a custom logo, features, members area, join forms and much more! Inquire today to discover how easily you can get your online business up and running today.

Fraud Prevention

Customer disputes can often significantly impact a Merchant’s operations and bottom line. Online merchants in particular have a higher cost associated with dispute processing. Where disputes can span several billing cycles, fast and efficient dispute management is integral. Increasingly, cardholders are bypassing Merchants and directly contacting their Card Issuer to resolve billing disputes. This often results in merchants receiving chargebacks without any prior customer contact. We have developed relationships that can help you bridge this gap, intercepting disputes before they result in chargebacks and allowing you to resolve them – this protects your merchant account, your bottom line, and results in happy customers.

Chargeback Processing

Standard Internet works with our merchant account clients and partners to handle not only customer support and prevent fraud, we also help dispute and reduce chargebacks. When customers dispute charges with their bank rather than contact the merchant, and the charge was properly authorized, chargebacks can often be reversed and the dispute ruled in favor of the merchant, and the merchant recovers the lost monies. We have a very high success rate in obtaining chargeback reversals for online merchants. Let us help you recover your money and prevent customer fraud.

Monitoring and Compliance

Standard Internet can provide merchants with real-time account status reports monitoring sales amount, transaction volume, chargeback percentages and more. In addition, we can also assist merchants with obtaining PCI Compliant status for merchant accounts we service.


Additional Services & Solutions:


Affiliate Program Services

Standard Internet can also help you create your own independent affiliate program that runs on the top rated software today. This can allow business owners to develop an unlimited network of resellers to help your business expand exponentially. We can provide you the guidance to run the program successfully, detect fraudulent affiliates and optimize your program for the highest revenue.

Domain Name Services

Standard Internet also operates a large network of domain names and we know how to turn traffic into cash. We offer solutions to help our clients buy, sell, auction, host and park top level domain names. Contact us to inquire about any of our services and optimize your business today!